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Shut-Off Valves 


Stop a flow stream quickly with IDEX Health & Science biocompatible Shut-Off Valves. The bodies are manufactured from either PEEK or ETFE, and both versions feature a PCTFE rotor, making them highly resistant to chemical attack. The blue colorant used in some valve configurations has proven not to leach out with common HPLC solvents. Connect semi-rigid or rigid tubing, such as PEEK, stainless steel or fluoropolymer, with the 1/4-28 Flangeless Fittings provided. Soft tubing, such as PharMed® or Tygon® (see page 14), may be connected to these valves using our 1/4-28 barbed adapters, found on page 92. 


- Biocompatible, all-polymer flow path 

- Available for 1/16” and 1/8” OD tubing

- Pressure rated to 500 psi (34 bar) 



Shut-Off Valves 



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제품번호 품명 선택 수량
P-721Shut Off Vlv Asy Tefzel .040 /EA
P-7322-Way vlv Bio w/ 1/16in Ftgs /EA
P-7332-Way vlv Bio w/ 1/8in Ftgs /EA
P-7822-Way vlv Tefzel w/ 1/16 Ftgs /EA
P-7832-Way vlv Tefzel w/ 1/8in Ftgs /EA


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