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Micro-Splitter Valves 


Our Micro-Splitter Valves are designed to accurately split and control a low-flow stream off a single incoming supply. Choose between 1/4-28 flat-bottom and 10-32 coned threaded versions. The High Pressure Micro-Splitter Valves are designed to operate successfully up to 4,000 psi (276 bar) and the standard Micro-Splitter valves are pressure rated to 800 psi (55 bar). The Graduated Valve offers many of the benefits and features of Micro-Splitter Valves, plus the ability to adjust and set the split flow to repeatable settings. This allows documentation of settings and the resulting flow rates for easier method development. The graduations also make it easier to employ the valve in a system used to run multiple analyses that require different split flow rates.  



Micro-Splitter Valves 


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제품번호 품명 선택 수량
P-450Micro-Splitter vlv Assy 1/4-28 /EA
P-451Micro-Splitter vlv Assy 10-32 /EA
P-460SMicro-Split Vlv 10-32 Hi Press /EA
P-460TStream Split Hi Press Titanium /EA
P-470Micro-Splitter vlv 10-32 Grad /EA


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