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Alsachim offers a full set of stable labeled and unlabeled Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors.
Tyrosine Kinases are a class of enzymes that promotes phosphorylation, which can affect normal cellular functions such as apoptosis, proliferation and differentiation. A kinase disregulation can cause cancer growth. As Oncology drugs, Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors were created out of modern genetics and thus represent a change from general to molecular methods of cancer treatment.
Alsachim supports new research developments through a continuous release of new standards.

*Cat No. 클릭시 ALSACHIM사 정보 확인 가능합니다.     기타문의 : bio@shimadzu.co.kr

Product Name Product N° Product Name Product N°
Acalabrutinib C6860 [2H4]-Acalabrutinib C6861
Afatinib C3767 [2H6]-Afatinib C4476
Alectinib C6218 [2H8]-Alectinib C6219
Avapritinib C9269 [13C,2H3]-Avapritinib C9270
Axitinib C2694 [13C,2H3]-Axitinib C2368
Baricitinib C5984 [2H5]-Baricitinib C6671
Bosutinib C2704 [2H9]-Bosutinib C3709
Brigatinib C7511 [13C6]-Brigatinib C7512
Cabozantinib C3964 [2H4]-Cabozantinib C3965
Capmatinib C6188 [13C,2H3]-Capmatinib C6189
Ceritinib C5133 [2H7]-Ceritinib C5748
Cobimetinib C4823 [13C6]-Cobimetinib C4824
Crizotinib C2913 [13C2,2H5]-Crizotinib C3486
Dabrafenib C3821 [2H9]-Dabrafenib C3819
Dacomitinib C6058 [2H10]-Dacomitinib dihydrochloride C6059
Dasatinib C1773 [2H8]-Dasatinib C923
Decitabine C3396 [13C2,15N4]-Decitabine C3373
Encorafenib C4277 [13C,2H3]-Encorafenib C4198
Entrectinib C8610 [13C,2H3]-Entrectinib C8611
Erdafitinib C8722 [2H6]-Erdafitinib C8723
Erlotinib C1042 [13C6]-Erlotinib hydrochloride C1041
Everolimus C1092 [13C2,2H4]-Everolimus C903
Fedratinib C5698 [2H9]-Fedratinib C8612
Fostamatinib C8238 [13C,2H3]-Fostamatinib C8241
Gefitinib C1964 [13C,2H3]-Gefitinib C924
Gilteritinib C8215 [2H5]-Gilteritinib C8216




Product Name Product N° Product Name Product N°
Ibrutinib C4544 [2H5]-Ibrutinib C4598
Imatinib C2777 [13C,2H3]-Imatinib C543
Ipatasertib C7786 [2H6]-Ipatasertib C7787
Lapatinib ditosylate salt C2692 [13C,2H7]-Lapatinib C925
Larotrectinib C8217 [2H4]-Larotrectinib sulfate salt C8218
Lenvatinib C6712 [2H5]-Lenvatinib C6767
Lorlatinib C8223 [13C,2H3]-Lorlatinib C8224
Midostaurin C4723 [13C6]-Midostaurin C4669
Neratinib C4483 [2H6]-Neratinib C4484
Netarsudil C8724 [13C,2H3]-Netarsudil C8725
Nilotinib C1077 [13C,2H3]-Nilotinib C926
Nintedanib C5789 [13C,2H3]-Nintedanib C6405
Osimertinib C6578 [13C,2H3]-Osimertinib C6579
Palbociclib C5107 [2H8]-Palbociclib C5108
Pazopanib Hydrochloride C2129 [13C,2H3]-Pazopanib Hydrochloride C2128
Pemigatinib C9184 [2H8]-Pemigatinib C9185
Peridartinib C8726 [13C,2H4]-Peridartinib C8727
Ponatinib C4225 [2H8]-Ponatinib C4226
Pralsetinib C9173 [13C4]-Pralsetinib C9174
Regorafenib C3604 [13C,2H6]-Regorafenib C3605
Ribociclib C4518 [2H6]-Ribociclib C4503
Ripretinib C9271 [13C6]-Ripretinib C9272
Ruxolitinib C3629 [2H9]-Ruxolitinib C3600
Selpercatinib C9171 [13C,2H3]-Selpercatinib C9172
Selumetinib C4492 [13C2,2H4]-Selumetinib C4493
Sorafenib C928 [13C,2H3]-Sorafenib C525
Sunitinib C904 [2H10]-Sunitinib C895
Tofacitinib C3926 [13C3,15N]-Tofacitinib C3928
Trametinib C3822 [13C6]-Trametinib C3820
Tacatinib C9273 [13C6]-Tacatinib C9274
Vandetanib C2519 [13C6]-Vandetanib C2520
Vemurafenib C3450 [13C6]-Vemurafenib C3451



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