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Suction Needle Adapter 



Our adaptable Loop Filler Ports (Part #7012 and 9012) are used to load sample from syringe needles or luer tips. The Needle Port (Part #9013) conserves sample by minimizing the volume between the needle and the valve. 



Suction Needle Adapter 



Dual Mode Sample Loop Loading: Partial-Filling vs. Complete-Filling 


Use the partial-filling method if you need to conserve sample, or if you want to vary sample volume frequently. In partial-filling, the syringe sets the volume injected onto the column. There is no sample waste, and the volume injected onto the column is equal to that dispensed from the syringe. Reproducibility is 1.0% relative standard deviation (RSD). The volume of the sample loaded is limited to half the sample loop volume. For example, the most you can load into a 200 µL sample loop is 100 µL.  



Use the complete-filling method if you have plenty of sample, if you do not vary sample volume, or if you need high reproducibility. In complete-filling, the loop sets the volume loaded onto the column. Use excess sample (two to five loop volumes) to replace all the mobile phase in the loop. See Figure 2. Change the loop to vary the sample volume. Reproducibility is typically 0.1% RSD for loop sizes ≥ 5 µL. Accuracy is limited as loop volumes are nominal. Q: “Which method should I use and which IDEX Health & Science sample injection valves use this method?” A: There are two types of injection valves available: dual mode and single mode. Dual mode injection valves allow both partial- and complete-filling whereas single mode injection valves allow only complete-filling. See manual injection valves, page 125. If you are collecting experimental data, sample is scarce, and/or you want to use different sample volumes, a dual mode injector with a large volume sample loop is appropriate. Only dual mode injection valves allow the partial-filling method for easily varying your volumes (up to half your sample loop volume) by setting the syringe volume. Once you begin routine analysis, and/or you have an abundance of sample, either a dual mode or single mode injector is appropriate. Both types of injection valves allow the complete-filling method in which you overfill the sample loop. Complete-filling maximizes the reproducibility of your results. 



Suction Needle Adapter 



▶ 주문정보표
제품번호 품명 선택 수량
7012Stainless Steel Loop Filler Port /EA
7125-054Needle Port Cleaner /EA
9012Loop Filler Port, PEEK /EA
9013Needle Port, PEEK /EA
9125-076Needle Adapter for 9125/9126 /EA


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